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April 7, 2016

Welcome to the greatest Shelby website ever. No one has produced more original content and provided 1968 Shelby owners with more information.

The Coralsnake store helps support the website. Stop by and find something you can wear or share!
The Coralsnake Store

El Paso Motors in Texas has to be one of the more interesting dealers. Their give-aways to lure customers were crazy. Its time to meet Russ Vento and Julius.
El Paso Ford

The are even more dealer items on the Dealer Index page. Scroll down and find the new things added.
Dealer Pages

The yellow convertible page has been updated. The history of yet another car is uncovered. There are only a few left to find.
Special Paint Convertibles

We are honored to have two original owners check in and share their stories. First, Robert checks in with the incredible story of his GT500 KR.

....and Susan tells us about her incredible 1968 Shelby GT500. It had an encounter with Chip Foose, but don't worry.

Vintage photos are always fun....and these are just as good as ever
Vintage Photos

More cool NOS parts for your inspection.
NOS Parts

I can't tell you how many cars have new Alloy Metal wiring in them. But, if you need some help with wiring or need all new wiring, that is your best choice. I offer wiring for all years and usually offer a discount of 10% off the catalog prices. I will make sure you get what you want. I will make sure its correct for your application. 100% no hassle return policy. Just drop me an email.


The next update is scheduled for July 4, 2016. The Hayward Ford page is coming. An update on # 101, the EFI Supercar. Take a look around the website and feel free to make a suggestion.