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October 8, 2014

The Conelec project has been slow going. But, it is moving forward. Many of the original parts are the only surviving examples. In order to have even the smallest parts remanufactured, it is often necessary to take them out of service. I continue to work towards making several more EFI systems available to owners of original fuel injection cars in the future. Check out the progress.... Conelec

The 1969 prototype page gets an adjustment. A new serial number is added to the page. The total number of pre-production cars is now four (just like 1968). This does not include the pilot plant vehicles. 1969 Prototypes

The power steering page gets an update. Now, you should be able to identify the correct pump and housing. Power Steering

Colin makes an interesting discovery. The research done on this car, proves again, knowing your history is the key to finding something really unique. Colin's Curiousity

SURVIVOR! Finally the page that you dreamed about. Original, unrestored cars are presented with a knowledgeable commentary. Original cars will presented in detail. Survivor

Nos parts are always fun to look at. Let's see what we can find in the vault for this update. NOS parts

A Coralsnake trusted agent gets a peak at the newest release from Acme models. The third in their series of special paint cars. It's so new it doesn't have a press release yet! Special Paint Models

The Northwestern page gets a few additions. The Northwestern name was rarely found on Shelbys, but some evidence indicates it was found a few cars. Northwestern

Gene's car gets added to the Gotham Ford page. #311 made an important contribution to my knowledge of the early 1968 Shelbys. Take a look... Gotham

I am also going to update the Coralsnake store in the future, so if you have not checked it out, please do. It keeps the engines running! It's safe, it's secure and you can get cool stuff.
The Coralsnake Store

The new index is still a dream, but maybe we can get that online in the next update. Project "C2" is revealed. It will be the next big restoration at Coralsnake Headquarters. We can finally put a bow on # 1628 and send it home. I am thinking we may start the distributor identification page.

More of everything else you like on January 11, 2015.

July 4, 2014

You have reached Conelec World Headquarters and the Home of Shelby Special Paint cars! Special news on the fuel injection system will be included in the next update!

SAAC 39 was a great time. Here are some pictures in case you missed the big show. SAAC 39

The Sud Ford page gets a special treat. How about some pictures from someone who was actually there? You have not seen these before! Plus a picture of Chris' 135 drag car. SUD Ford

Marv Tonkin and his brother practically owned Portland. Let's take a look at Marv's dealership and get the Tonkin page started. Tonkin Ford

Tires? Who cares about original tires? Finally all three 1968 Shelby tires are available in reproduction form. Now, you can pick the tire that came on your car new. Wheels and Tires

SAAC Gold - Did I mention four new SAAC Champions were crowned? All four cars were GT500 KRs. Take a look and see if you recognize any of these cars. I resort to some desperate tactics to find the missing two pictures. Black and white photos...you made me! SAAC Gold

The ring of honor. Only a few 1968 Shelbys have ever won this much hardware. Ed's car becomes the ninth Triple Crown car. 4410

I get some new additions for the Paradise/Watkins page. Watkins

The prototypes are coming. Have you even heard of these four 1969 cars? Are they Shelbys or something else? The engineering cars have become my new obsession. 1969 Prototypes

NOS parts. Bernie turns on the light in the back of the vault and finds some more goodies...NOS parts

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on Acme's Coralsnake model. They did an excellent job. So now, they decided they could do it again. The Yellow GT350 Model

The Mid America Show was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma and that gave me an idea for a new webpage. Mid America Show

What, you are still freeloading? Buy a darn T-shirt or a hat. The Coralsnake Store

The next update will be October 1, 2014. Let's see where the wind blows us....

April 1, 2014

Congratulations! You have reached Conelec World Headquarters and the Home of Shelby Special Paint cars!

SAAC 39 is coming. You should be making plans to be there now. Here is your chance to see the best cars in the country, talk to owners and get some ideas for improving your car. The snow is officially gone and we are expecting great weather. The Coralsnake will be there and with a little luck, the world's only Conelec powered car will make an appearance. SAAC 39

The Al Grillo Ford story is certainly an interesting one. It just got a lot better. I tracked down AJ "Smiley" Smullen, Grillo's main wrench man. See what he has to say about his boss. It was good timing when Vern uncovered a treasure trove of old dealership photos. There just happen to be a few pictures of Al Grillo himself. Grillo Ford

Everyone knows things are bigger in Texas. Check out this new dealer article on Hemphill-McCombs. You probably need a minute to recognize the name Red McCombs, but after you read this article, you won't forget him. He still sells Fords today. Hemphill-McCombs

The Conelec EFI car is getting some needed attention. You can read about it here. It will look a little different when it reappears next summer. Conelec Legacy

...and speaking about my favorite topic, a stash of vintage Conelec fuel pumps was found in New York. I don't have to tell you where they are now. Scroll down to the bottom of this page. Conelec Find

I am always working on dealer stories for the website. I find them very interesting. Here a few odds and ends that haven't made it to the dealer articles yet. Dealer stuff

A new business card gets added to the Dominion Ford page. Dominion

We are fortunate to have an original owner stop by the website. His GT500 KR came from East Point Ford. East Point

Bob finds a 1967 Minnesota Twin's schedule. Can you guess what dealership it came from? Minar Ford

The 1968 Shelby value guide is updated, but not much has changed here. Prices are....stable. Value Guide

Free Lunch? Well almost. If you buy a t-shirt and send me an email before SAAC 39. I will buy you a free lunch at SAAC 39. Its like getting a shirt for free and you will be supporting this most awesome website as well. The Coralsnake Store

The next update will be July 4th. Look for convention pictures from SAAC 39. I also feel there might be an interest in the first four 1969 prototype cars. So, we can take a look at those. There seem to be movement in the shop, so maybe a project update is in order as well. I am planning an overhaul of the index. Let's see if I can pull that off.

January 11, 2014

The website that didn't need a "do-over" :-)

The Coralsnake website is the official home of the Conelec precision fuel injection. The website is also home for the special paint cars.

Recently, I have gotten several inquiries about the Coralsnake. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. Now, you can sit and stare at the Coralsnake everyday. ACME diecast has just released the Coralsnake 1:18th scale model. They will be debuting a whole series of special paint cars in the near future. You can find details on the press release. The Coralsnake Model

I would also like to announce that the Coralsnake will make an appearance at SAAC 39 this summer. SAAC 39 will be in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Just how close was Shelby to making fuel injection a reality and common place on the production cars? Take a look at this article and judge for yourself. It is a little background on what the Shelby engineers were thinking. The Fuelies

Trouble in Paradise? Paradise Ford was a big dealer in Scottsdale, Arizona. The dealership was well on its way to being in the top 15 for sales. Then they disappeared, what happened? ... Paradise Ford

Some real NOS parts you haven't seen before. The vault is full and I offer some new items for your inspection. NOS parts

More Grillo cars come to the party! Check out one of Shelby's more interesting dealers. Grillo Ford

More dealer scripts and more dealer items. You won't find a collection like this anywhere. Dealer items

Scott, a former owner, recalls some of his adventures with his 1969 GT350. 69 # 1382

A reader found a mistake on the 1969 Shelby paint chart, so it was corrected. The website does not copy information and strives to keep only the most accurate information available to you. I think 1969 has the best color pallet by far. 1969 Shelby Paint

The Coralsnake website has provided free, accurate information to owners for more than 13 years. There simply is no other website that focuses on Shelbys more and asks for less. Enjoy the site.

Officially the Conelec Legacy Project is listed as a "black funding" project. In other words, Mrs. Coralsnake will never how much it really costs. If you buy a CONELEC shirt you showing your support for the research and website. Now that would be cool. The Coralsnake Store

Next update is April 1st, 2014. Look for an update on #1088, the Conelec Legacy car. Maybe a page on the Superchargers, maybe another dealer story....

October 21, 2013

The Coralsnake website has been home to the special paint Shelbys for more than 12 years. The website will continue to support all the special paint owners. It's time to move on, because The Coralsnake is now the official home of the Conelec electronic fuel injection system. Let the promotion begin.

The 1968 SAAC Registrar called this "the most significant find in the past 15 years". I found the motherlode of all things Conelec. The Conelec electronic, fuel injection systems were very close to becoming an industry standard and it all started on the vintage Shelbys. Now, we also have a complete, working example of the 1969 prototype system! It's built out of original parts by the original inventor and his son. If you think the story is over there, it has only started. Please read the article: The Famous David Long

A number of dealer articles have been updated....check them out, some cool stuff has arrived at Coralsnake World Headquarters.

I did the Fogg Motors article a while back. Gary checks in and adds his car to the Fogg page. You may recall Fogg was in Canada. So, his California Special must have been a unique car on that lot. Fogg Motors

Koon's Ford sold some special cars. They didn't know this 1969 would be a raffle car 45 years later. Check out the Grabber Blue addition. Koons Ford

I thought it kind of amusing Bud Selig once sold used cars. Best I can tell, the Selig Ford dealership only sold one Shelby. There was a super giant just down the street (Northwestern Ford). This page started off with one newspaper ad. Check out the little token that appeared on eBay. Selig Ford

The story of Al Grillo Ford has always been one of my favorites. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the dealership's closure. It's no mystery what's on Al Grillo's lot today. Grillo Ford

Dominion Motors was in Canada. Another old photograph of the dealership has been added to the story. Dominion Ford

The newest edition to the dealer pages is Bill Watkin's Ford. If you have a Watkin's car, please send me a picture. Watkins Ford

I am always looking for the old dealer scripts. They are a forgotten piece of history. Phil found this one from Oklahoma's Dub Richardson. There is a lso a picture of Rice Holman. I am interested in this dealership. If you know anyone associated with them, please drop me a note. Dealer items

Very under appreciated are Shelby's work vans. Yes, I said "van"! This page shows you some of the van-nation. Believe it or not, there was also a special paint van at the plant. Shelby Vans

Ben gets his cars added to the Hall of Fame. The list of Shelby American Automobile Club Gold cars is always available for your reference. If you see the two cars that are not pictured, you know what to do. SAAC Gold

A pair of red GT500s. Doug sent along a picture of this GT500. The side pipes let you know this old school - cool. Bob sent his GT500 along for the old vintage shot! Great job guys. Vintage Photographs

When the Coralsnake asks for a wish, sometimes it comes true. Check out who responded to a special request on the Northwestern page. You can't miss her, she was Miss September :-) ...and Jay sent an updated picture of his GT40. It should be track ready very soon. Northwestern Ford

The Coralsnake website has provided free, accurate information to owners for more than 13 years. There simply is no other website that focuses on Shelbys more and asks for less. Enjoy the site.

Officially the Conelec Legacy Project is listed as a "black funding" project. In other words, it was freaking expensive to do the research. Do me a favor. Throw me a bone and I will give you a very nice shirt or hat. How about a CONELEC shirt? Now that would be cool. The Coralsnake Store

Next update is January 11th, 2014. Maybe another dealer article is in order? Certainly we will get some more Conelec updates and we will see what else comes around.

July 15, 2013

The Coralsnake store is cool place to make a contribution to the efforts of this website. You get something in return. Go buy a hat. The Coralsnake Store

Gotham Ford was the number one Shelby dealership. It was mainly due to the efforts of one man. So, I tracked him down and here is what he told me. GOTHAM

The 1968 Summer Sales Contest helped sell cars and had a unique way to attract potential buyers. THE CONTEST

Not all my projects have made it to the Coralsnake website. A number of pictures of another shop project. These are mostly GT350 engine shots. If you have an iron intake and an AUTOLITE carb, it's your lucky day. COMING SOON!

When the judging was done one man stood alone. Ben offers us not one, but two Concours Triple Crown winners. Triple Crown

Here are a couple NOS parts dug out of the vault. NOS Parts

The 38th annual Shelby Club convention was very interesting. Here are some of the cars SAAC 38

You know the Coralsnake is gaga for dealer items. How about a handful of old ads you haven't seen before? OLD ADVERTISING

Maybe you have seen something that I am looking for? I am always looking for pictures, prototypes, all kinds of stuff. Your contributions are always welcome. WANTED

The next update is October, 2013. I am sure another dealer story is coming. I am thinking anout Bill Watkin's Ford. I might finally take a breath and do some project updates.

April 1, 2013

Maybe you have seen something that I am looking for? I am always looking for pictures, prototypes, all kinds of stuff. Your contributions are always welcome. WANTED

The Conelec update is here! Finally, it's not much, but it is an update! CONELEC

# 1628 is nearing the finish line and ready for another 45 year run. See what the car looks like now. 1628

Not all my projects have made it to the Coralsnake website. A number of pictures of another shop project. These are mostly GT350 engine shots. If you have an iron intake and an AUTOLITE carb, it's your lucky day.

If you prefer the aluminum intake....check out the recall page. Pictures of some beautiful parts. COBRA Intake

Check out this new reproduction part. It puts the current reproductions to shame. Headlight brackets

Get Smart! Has the secret agent's GT500 finally been found? I think it has....2057

Schmidt Ford now has a home. The page is started, as always, feel free to add some content. Schmidt

The fiberglass page gets an update. It's a little more acurate after some names are corrected. Fiberglass

Northwestern Ford. It seems like more information is generated by the story everyday. I never get tired of adding items. Northwestern

Buy something and stimulate the Coralsnake ecomony. The Coralsnake Store

The next update is July, 2013. I should have some convention pictures, project updates and detail pictures of the 428 PI. The Gotham Ford page is ready to launch complete with ads and photos. I am also working on a great story about the 1968 Summer Sales Contest.

January 11, 2013

"Kaizen" is the Japanese principle of continuous improvement. 2013 brings us several changes. Let's press on and make some improvements.

Sorry, no Conelec update. It is still under developement. But, I will have one next time. I also promise an update on # 1628. The engine just came back from the rebuilder.

The Coralsnake store keeps the website free. Buy a darn shirt or a hat and show your love. One the best Shelby dealers in the country also has secret. Find out what it is here. COLLINS

The 1969 Shelby color page is here! See all the colors and find out what's up with the codes. Come see why they call him "Special" Ed on the forum. 1969 Colors

JD Ball Ford was Florida's number one Shelby dealer. More dealer items are also filed on the dealer page. Check it out here: JD Ball Ford

See what the website has interest in....maybe you have some clues. You can get involved and do a story if you like. Wanted

Croydon Kemp was a Northwestern Ford salesman. He shares an incredible tale of a Galaxie, no Shelby would race. Jay checks in with a picture of Northwestern's GT40. Northwestern Ford

McCollum Ford gets a small update. But, you won't get rich. McCollum Ford

Dominion Ford gets an update when an old drag racer checks in. Dominion Ford

Perry found a little something for the Selig Page. Selig Ford

A few minor tweaks to the SUD page. SUD Ford

I found a gorgeous black, KR convertible coming up for auction. It belongs on the East Point page. East Point Ford

Vintage pictures gets some more information Vintage Pictures

The dealer page is updated. Dealer Page

Car stories is the index for individual histories. A few serial numbers are added. Car Stories

Here a few more NOS parts. Nos Parts

Bob shows us something seldomly seen. Three national trophies that belong top the same car! Three Trophies

Keith identifies one of the Smith employees here: Fiberglass Page

The next update is April 1, 2013. Check out Coralsnake University and get some detailing info on the GT350 engine. A good number of pictures will keep you busy.

The TV series Get Smart used a 1968 Shelby convertible. To date no one has identified the car. Let's take a shot. The GT350 aluminum intake recall will be covered. I will reorganize and load a Schmidt Ford webpage.

October 1, 2012

Conelec is a full time hobby for me. See what I have been doing. Prepare yourself for what is coming... CONELEC

Where the heck is Ionia? I give you a little tour of the neighboorhood and you can see what's left from the 1960s (not much). Ionia

The little dealer way up there was called Dominion Motors. Travis found one of the old racers and makes an awesome contribution. Dominion Motors

The dealer page gets an update. Check out the dealer items or browse through the dealer "library" Dealer Page

You want to check out the Coralsnake exclusive. I raided the Benson Ford library and found something you haven't seen before. Vintage Photos

This yellow convertible has been discussed at length on the forums. Now there are some more pictures.3900

I found a picture of another SAAC Champion. Its been added to the Judges page. SAAC Monsters

Another Triple Crown GT500 KR is added to the best of the best. See the Best

Larry was poking around and found the Northwestern page very interesting. Maybe because his car was the 1966 promotional car used by the dealership. Well, now he has a picture of his car from 1966. 1966 # 889

The next update is January 11, 2013. See you next year!

Next time: Ed wants a 1969 Special Paint page, so here it comes. More Conelec- maybe even an actual test drive. You know I love the dealer stories, so maybe another one is in order? Its probably time for some project updates. Feel free to drop me an email and share what you got.

July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to the USA! The Coralsnake thanks everyone that made us free. A special salute out to all the SF operators from a retired CMSgt.

I regret the Conelec story has been delayed. I have started the page and gave you a couple pictures to wet your whistle. Let's just say the research for this story can only be described by one word..."unbelievable". When I have the loose ends tied up, you will read a story like no other. CONELEC

Project Midas is moving forward. The engine is now being built. Oh, did I mention that is a factory, supercharged 428 Cobra Jet engine? 0056

An old school, license plate topper and a few new pictures are added to the Minar page. See an old, tired Minar convertible that was transformed into a national champion and what Minar Ford looks like today. Minar

The Coralsnake's "Year of the Dealer" continues. More dealer items are added. Dealers

I start the story on Jim Aikey Ford. All of these dealer stories start out as a simply outline. If you have any Jim Aikey contributions, please send them to me for inclusion. Everything is welcome, especially your car photos. AIKEY

A yellow convertible has been crossed of the "missing" list. We are now able to account for 80%. Yellow Convertibles

Part 1 / The Recalls- see what happened when you took your car back to the dealer. Recall

A look at some very eye brow raising files from Northwestern Ford's service department. You may need to scroll down to the bottom, but it's worth it. My first dealer article continues to be the best....and take a look at a Northwestern survivor. Northwestern Ford

A look at the summer shows and see some of the cars that won the big accolades. 2012 Shows

Paint inspection stamps always pose a lot of questions. How about a lot of answers on how to pull this off correctly? Paint Inspection

The next update is October 1, 2012.

Next time: More Conelec Information is coming. This is like a snowball rolling down a hill. History is literally being written. I will probably have another dealer article for you. A story about Ionia and the places that were part of our story. More parts information, more vintage pictures and all the good things you won't find in those tired magazines.

April 1, 2012

A series of rare pictures from 1967 have turned up. These pictures have provided a wealth of information on the two 1968 photographic prototypes. So, I have updated the prototype page. PROTOTYPE

It's only fitting the first non-Shelby feature on the site is a special paint car. Bill found this gem on eBay. WT9810

Several people have asked about this one.....Project Midas is back from the painter. Assembly has started on the first GT500 convertible built. 0056

It is time for another Ford dealership story. This time we take a look at Koons Ford in Virginia. KOONS FORD

Some more NOS parts from the Coralsnake collection. NOS parts

An update on #1628, the white GT500 I have been tinkering with. 1628

An old school postcard of Northwestern Ford has turned up. Northwestern Ford

I identify the location of the old Selig Ford dealership. SELIG FORD

Ford's Cleveland Foundry is torn down. One of the Coralsnake trusted agents was there. CLEVELAND

The next update is July 4th, 2012.

Next time: Vincent Liska, the Shelby Club's 1968-1969 Registrar, has already called this update "the most significant find of Shelby related photographs and documents in the last 15 years". It's going to be good. Plus, everything you wanted to know about 1968 New Jersey paint inspection stamps and pictures from two of the big summer shows.

January 11, 2012

It's Mr. Shelbys Birthday! Best Wishes to him on his 89th Birthday!

Maybe you have seen something that I am looking for? Your contributions are always welcome. WANTED

2012 will be the year of the Shelby dealer on this website. I have been busy researching dealers and soliciting as many contributions as I can. The nice thing about a website is the stories are constantly expanding. Here are the newest additions to the growing list: East Point Ford

SUD gets updated with some drag racing 1969 Shelby pictures from forum favorite, Mongo. SUD Ford

I have uncovered a photograph of Mr. Selig. He was a snappy dresser. You can check him out here. Selig Ford

Minar Ford gets an update. I found a few more items to add to the already great story. Minar Ford

The history of a 1968 "Engineering car". The car that had a factory computer in 1968! 101

The information about the first 1968 Shelbys built has been updated. I have now included the "fifth" car. The First 1968s

John's is a long time GT500 KR owner. But, one of our readers knew some secrets. We put all this together to make a article on the history of his car. Surprise! 4325

After a little begging, I get information on two more yellow GT500 KR convertibles. Yellow Convertibles

A little touchup on the page that explains the origins of the "Coralsnake" 3206

NOS parts are always fun to look at. So, I went to the back of the vault and pulled these out. NOS parts

Planning your vacation? National Car shows are always a fun time. Checkout some of this year's shows. 2012 Shows

What's in your glovebox? Here are some items you might like to consider. Glove Box

Some detailed pictures of the incredible 1968 prototype. This car has been restored and is a sight to behold. 67 # 139

Some pictures from the Chicago Muscle Car Nationals. This multi-make show was held past November. Chicago

The value guide gets a quick review. Not much has changed. Price Guide

If you want to be part of an exclusive organization, you need to visit the Coralsnake store. Support the website and keep it advertisement free. Get good stuff. The Coralsnake Store

Next update: More dealer information, more nos parts and maybe a few other surprises. The Northwestern stories were put in a "safe place". As soon as I remember the combination to the Coralsnake Vault, I will get them to you.

October 1, 2011

Take some time to have a look around.

It's getting cold outside. How about a nice hat or sweatshirt from the the Coralsnake store? Support the website and keep it advertisement free. Get good stuff. The Coralsnake Store

A sucessful Shelby dealer, an all star baseball player and the mafia? You can't make this stuff up. What happened to Al Grillo? Al Grillo Ford

"Project Midas" (# 56) gets its turn at some paint and body work. Let's take a look at the update! 56

# 4410 is another one of my projects. This car had a outstanding debut. It's on it's way back to Texas now. 4410

The show car page had to be updated. If you want to see the best restored cars in the country, start here. SAAC Gold

Another triple crown winner? That makes three 1968s! I have also included the other cars I know about. Check it out. Triple Crown

Minar Ford was Minnesota's Shelby dealership. See what Bob found. Minar Ford

More NOS parts, oh these are neat. NOS parts

The prototype timeline. Quietly working behind the scenes a team of crack researchers seeks to uncover the "lost history" of the prototypes. Prototypes

Wanted: These are the items that are on the priority list. Your contributions are always welcome. WANTED

A very short update on one of my past projects. Many people have asked about the 1965 Shelby. 5S337

Some more pictures of the Playboy car down under. The restoration continues. 2057

Next update: More car history, and an update of Northestern Ford. The glove box story has been pushed back until the issue.

Have you bought anything from Scott Fuller? You should. His parts are nothing short of perfect. He doesn't ask for an endorsement. He earned it. Scott Fuller Parts

July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to the greatest country on earth.

Wanted: These are the items that are on the priority list. Your contributions are always welcome. WANTED

The show car that went to Paris, France. It hasn't been seen since. Paris Show Car

You can read about Team Shelby's annual event. It is held annually in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Team Shelby

The Shelby American Automobile Club also puts on quite a show. Here are some pictures from Virginia. SAAC 36

The show car page had to be update with three new SAAC champions. We will have a new triple crown winner soon. SAAC Gold

Get your head on straight. The cylinder head page should get you pointed in the right direction. Cylinder Heads

Bob needs more information on hardware. So, I am throwing him a morsel. More hardware details... Hardware

More NOS parts, oh these are neat. NOS parts

Don't forget the The Coralsnake store! Buy a hat or a t-shirt and feel good knowing you have put a nickel in my pocket. The Coralsnake Store

There is still time to catch one of the big shows. Check out the schedule for MCA.

The next update will include the 68 Prototype timeline, pictures of a completed # 4410, The Midas update I promised you earlier and a Minar Ford article. Do you know what judges are looking for when they peek inside your glovebox? This CSU update will help you.

Have you bought anything from Scott Fuller? You should. His parts are nothing short of perfect. After you do, come on back. Scott Fuller Parts

April 1, 2011

April 1, Yikes! I am working on the projects, really I am ;-)

Wanted: Help the most awesome website, get more awesome. WANTED

The Coralsnake's Time Machine is back online. We travel back to June 3rd, 1968 to visit the New Jersey production line. Are you ready? 6/3/68

Read about Deb's 1965 GT 350 and how it took the road less traveled. 5S545

If Carroll Shelby had a car dealership, what would it be called? Shelby Ford of course. Quite possibly the shortest story on the website. Shelby Ford

A few more vintage pictures are added to the collection. Vintage Pictures

New information about the pre-production 1968 Shelbys. Take a closer look at the two most prominent cars built before 1968 Shelby production started. Prototypes

Team Coralsnake is now Coralsnake University. You can can get educated and tuition is free. CSU

Project Midas updated. New information and a new start for the most incredible 1968 GT500 ever conceived. Midas

Power Steering Hoses made easy. See what they look like and where they go. Power Steering

Bill sent a picture of # 4180. You don't remember the vintage 1960 advertisement with Bill's car listed for sale do you? McCollum Motors

Don't forget the The Coralsnake store! Buy a hat or a t-shirt and do it for the kids. The Coralsnake Store

Is there anything left? Of course, don't be silly. Everything you need to know about cylinder heads. The long, lost "Paris show car" is revealed (well kind of), more NOS parts and much more.

Hey, where is 2010? My projects aren't done yet, are yours? Happy 88th Birthday Mr. Shelby!

Don't forget the The Coralsnake store! It's always open and your purchase puts a few nickels in the Coralsnake's pocket to help keep this website ad free and up and running. The Coralsnake Store

This year's important show schedule is ready for your review. Try to make it to a big show and watch your knowledge grow. 2011 Show dates

The Coralsnake vault reveals several more dealer items. It could be the motherlode! Dealer Page

The short course in how to identify original 1968 Shelby fiberglass. Fiberglass Page

Team Coralsnake is updated. You can't get this information anywhere else. (Check back soon)

The 1968 Shelby Playboy car that was found....in Japan! 2057

Dual Serial numbers revisted. Many of you probably haven't seen this article before. Dual Serial Numbers

Wanted: The Coralsnake is working for you. Help me, help you. WANTED

Oh, did I mention the website is now 10 years old! That's right, I have been giving away all this goodness for ten years and you still haven't bought one stinking hat?
The next wonderful update is April 1, 2011. Some big project updates. Shelby # 4410 goes home and # 1628 comes together. Project Midas shifts into high gear. The story about 1968 Prototypes will need to be revised.

October 1, 2010

Wanted: See the special items the Coralsnake website is looking for and see how you can contribute. WANTED

Understanding when your car was built will help you restore it properly. Is it early or late? Production Changes

The Shelby Club's 35th annual convention was held and we have a few pictures. SAAC 35

SUD Motors was one of Canada's great Shelby dealerships and rich in racing history. SUD Motors

The SAAC Concours Hall of Fame has been updated. SAAC Concours

Every King needs a crown. See two concours GT500 KRs that have received their crowns on the show fields. The 1968 Shelby Triple Crown

A few more NOS parts for your enjoyment. If only it were this easy to find them. NOS Parts

Don't forget the The Coralsnake store! Show your love and keep the good times rolling. The Coralsnake Store

The next update is scheduled for January 1st. It will be a good one. A Team Coralsnake Update is on the agenda. Get some hints on how to recognize original Shelby fiberglass. One of the Playboy cars has been found and you won't believe where it was.


July 4, 2010

Kim and Randy have collected some great stuff on Fogg Motors. So, check out the new dealer page and learn about our friends to the north. Fogg Motors

This years Mid American Shelby Team National Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma was bigger than ever. Take a look at the 1968s. Team Shelby

A white GT500 is very desirable. # 1628 is half way home. See what's happening as reassembly has begun. 1628

The original plan was to send to # 4410 to Tulsa, but you know what happens when schedules crash. Take a look at the update and see what's left on this supercar. 4410

Shelby # 56 could very well be the most unique 1968 ever built. The project has restarted and you can see the updates here. 0056

Are you planning on buying a Shelby? If so, there a few things you should consider before you take the plunge. A little information can save you some big headaches down the road. Buying a Shelby

Don't forget the The Coralsnake store! Show your love and keep the good times rolling. The Coralsnake Store

The next update is scheduled for October 1st. It will be a good one. See coverage of SAACs west coast convention and some very special cars.

As always, more project updates. Production variations for 1968 Shelbys. Team Coralsnake gets an overhaul and much more . . .

Have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet? You can be a famous writer. Tell me your car stories, research a vintage dealership or give me a suggestion of what you want to see.

April 1, 2010

The Corvette page is finally finished. I know you have been waiting for this. Read about the Corvettes here, no joke! Corvettes!

The Shelby American World Registry says, "Nobody knows more about Ford GTs than Scotland's Ronnie Spain". Mr. Spain has written several books on GT40s. He checks in and shares some of his personal research. What's even better is these cars were associated with my favorite dealership. Ronnie's GT40 Pics

When Bob bought his car, he did a little research on McCollum Motors and decided to share. McCollum Ford

I updated the dealer pages. You may have missed the Selig Ford page. Hey, it's a work in progress. Shelby Dealer Pages

More NOS parts pictures! Some neat things you may not have seen before. New Old Stock Parts

An update on #4410, one of my projects. This car should be at the Mid America show in Tulsa. 4410

A new vintage picture. Don drove this yellow GT350 to the prom! I am quite certain it was the only Shelby there. Even better, he still has it. We are planning a future story on the special paint car. Vintage pictures

I added a few items to the interior page. Take a look around. Interior Page

The speedometer gear page got tweaked a tad. If you missed it, please review it. This will be on the test. Speedo Gears

This page gets some more paint codes. You can never have too many paint codes. Paint Codes

You may also want to check out the BIG Index page. It is accessible from the HOME page. The BIG Index page

Almost everyday I get emails that read: "Pete, just found your webpage and I love it!" Gee, thanks. Now you can show your appreciation by getting a cool hat or shirt to wear around town. Tell your friends and get something really cool. The Coralsnake Store

Next time, I will have some more dealer information. Kim has researched FOGG motors. The final wrap on # 4410 as attention turns to # 1628.

A primer on buying a Shelby. I will tell you some things you need to know, before the cash flies.

I may even have an update on the most impressive 1968 of all time. Look for # 56 to be pushed towards the front burner.

All that and the usual assortment of trival facts that only a "Shelby person" would care about. Next update July 4th, 2010.

January 11, 2010

January again! Carroll Shelby has reached his 87th birthday. Not bad for an old chicken farmer with a used heart.

Have you got your Coralsnake hat or t-shirt yet? Show your support for the website and get something cool in return. How about a personalized t-shirt with your car number on it ? The Coralsnake Store

I am also having the huge January 2010 wiring sale. If you need wiring, I can make you a deal and make sure you get what you need. Contact me for details. For Sale Page

We haven't had a good car story for a while. So, how about two ? First up is Joe. Joe has been a long time reader and he shows us how he found an awesome fastback that was stored for most of it's life. 4352

Bob's patience pay off and he scores a great GT500 KR convertible. 4012

The Team Coralsnake page is now here ! See the details you may have overlooked in the trunk of a concours 1968. Team Coralsnake

I have seen one too many cars with the wrong engine compartment paint job, so I spruced up that page to help you get your car factory correct. PAINT

Prices - are they going up or down ? What should you expect in the coming year? VALUE GUIDE

I added a picture of the Marchal fog light spacers. FOG LIGHTS

I have update the concours judging page. I will continue to update this page until I have a record of all the SAAC champions. SAAC Champions

I decided to leave the Index page alone, but I did update it with more links. Hopefully, this will help you find what you need. INDEX

2010 Show schedule. Do you want to see the very best cars in the country? If so, plan to attend one of these great shows. It's a great place to meet people and get some information you need. 2010 Shows

Next time ...the McCollum Motors page, project updates, more NOS parts, a special surprise and more 1968 goodness. The next update is April 1, 2010.

October 1, 2009

Welcome back, you are hooked now ! I have an awesome update for you and plenty more to come.

The Coralsnake Store is now open for business. You need to check it out. I often get people asking how they can be part of such a great informational website. The website has never excepted any donations or advertisements. Well, now you can be a part of Team Coralsnake and get something really cool in return. I personally selected some great hats and shirts. Your purchase will show your support and you have something you can use. I even have a personalized shirt that you can put your very own car number on . . . cool. If you are SAAC forum reader, the Captain Dave shirts are ready. More products, including wiring will be added later. The Coralsnake Store

The Fog light page is done. Don't get taken to the cleaners on the look-a-likes. Now, you can see exactly what you should have. Fog Lights

I often find myself telling prospective owners and even current owners some basic things they should know. Now you can see some the Coralsnake's Rules for Ownership. Rules

I have reloaded the exhaust page update. There was a bad link. It is good information. Exhaust

Wait until you see what Bill at Mansfield Mustang has to share. An NOS C8ZX carburetor! Check out the NOS page. NOS Parts

I found an original GT350 intake, so I added that to the manifold reference page. Intakes

Some more old pictures have rolled in, so have a look. Pictures

I have also updated the popular 10 spoke page. 10 Spokes

Do you know about the Shelby Museum ? Now you do. Check out the museum page. Shelby Museum

Project updates. # 4410 is running a little behind schedule, but good progress is being made. Hey, perfection takes time. 4410

The Special Paint letter from 1968. Now, you can see the original mixing codes. Codes

The next update is scheduled for January 11th. A new indexing system is on the schedule. A junk in the trunk page is coming. There will also be more interesting pages and project updates.

SPECIAL UPDATE 34TH Annual Shelby Convention coverage. SAAC 34

July 4, 2009

What's is really neat is right now everyone has a chance to find neat people and information about the cars we love. You don't need money, just a little motivation. Even if you don't have a car, you can research a dealership help or someone else with their history.

Thanks to everyone that made a contribution for this update. It could be the biggest one yet !

The Mid-America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was the 35th anniversary of the event. Mid America Show

McFayden Ford was in Omaha, Nebraska. Check out the stuff Robert found. It's awesome. McFayden Ford

A big list of the 1968 wiring I have for sale. Now you can see what you need. Contact me for a discount on a large order. Don't just sit there buy something! I have 1969 wiring too. Shelby Wiring

Mike discovered something that could have easily been overlooked. See how he found his GT500 convertible. 1493

The clutch linkage page will help you identify those odd parts. Clutch Linkage

A few more pictures of those obscure new, old stock parts for your entertainment. NOS parts

An update on one of my projects. This GT500 literally returns from years hard labor. 1628

Paul shares the history of # 1820. A car with a supercharger in its past. 1820

My favorite page, the Northwestern page, just got a little better. I thought you might enjoy one of the emails I got. Check out Mike's memories of the old dealership. Go to the bottom of the page for the link. Northwestern Ford

Serial Number 2481 is a past SAAC National Champion. Darin plans to show the car in the future, in honor of his dad who recently passed away. SAAC Concours

Some of the early history of a yellow GT500 KR convertible. 3900

...and if all that weren't enough. A flood of dealer items. These items are waiting to become full blown dealer pages. Dealer Goodies

The 34th annual Shelby American Automobile Convention will be August 6-8 in Pennsylvannia. Can you go ?

The next update is scheduled for October 1st. More information on special paint cars, 10 spokes ( I am not sure why ? ) and fog lights. I will post updates on the projects. Look for # 4410 to get some fire in the wires.

January 11, 2009

A new year and a lot of new material.

I have a new page with production numbers. There are a lot of bad production numbers floating around the web. 1968 Shelby Production Totals

A big list of the 1968 wiring I have for sale. Now you can see what you need. Contact me for a discount on a large order. It's to time to stimulate the economy. Shelby Wiring

A new page that will focus on hardware - nuts and bolts. Shelby Hardware

I posted a few pictures on the intake and manifold page. Please have a look. Intakes

The mystery of Matt's vintage pictures is revealed. Vintage Pictures

A quick look at speedometer gears. This should narrow down your choices. Speedometer Gears

An update on one of my projects. The GT500 KR from Texas. Take a look at how it is coming along. S. No. 4410

Next time, NOS parts, more updates and another project update. Car # 1628 is coming on fast.

October 1, 2008

Hey, where did summer go ? Anyone seen summer, anyone ?

Do you know what SAAC is ? Check out the SAAC page. Now, new and improved with a new director ! Shelby Club Page

One of the freakiest vintage pictures I have ever seen. See if you can figure out this puzzler ?
Vintage pictures

Team Coralsnake. Learn what is coming down the road. Team Coralsnake

Pictures are back. These cars are all in the Midwest. Everyone of them is on the road. Who says the classics are gone ? Road cars

Need help with decals ? This should get you started. 1968 Shelby Decals

I updated the For Sale Page, go buy something. If you want to build a nice car, you need nice parts. These are the best. Items For Sale

I posted a few more pictures of the 1965 Shelby I rebuilt. If you are filthy rich and want a nice car, it is for sale. 5S337

The case for smog Part Deux . . . You can't get away without it anymore, there is too much evidence. SMOG

Coming in 2009 - Project updates, the NOS parts page, nuts and bolts and much more. The world's best (and possibly only) all 1968 Shelby webpage with original content.

August 18, 2008

SPECIAL UPDATE: The Coralsnake wins SAAC Gold ! SAAC 33 Coverage

July 4, 2008

Welcome back,and Happy Birthday to us all.

You may have noticed the front page has changed slightly. I have added a new index to the website. Hopefully, this will make things a little easier to find. Index

I have updated the wheels and tires page. I noticed that at least three different tires were being used. Tires

I cleaned up the special paint page. Hopefully, my 8th grade teacher will stop bothering me. Special Paints

Randy sent a new picture of # 301, the Hertz show car. He has a new paint on the car. Hertz Convertible

A little update on the Coralsnake. I should have more after the Shelby convention. Coralsnake

The bud Selig page returns! You can join the fan club. Selig Ford

You may have seen Arild's car in Mustang Monthly.The car first appeared on this website more than two years ago. Arild's GT500 KR

Project Midas has been updated. You will want to stay tuned with this project. I try to put somg on a Paxton supercharged big block car. 0056

Pat sends along some vintage photos for the album. Vintage pictures

The dealer album is update with a find from Bob Rice Ford. Thank you Greg. Dealer goodies

A new picture of # 2040, also known as "Chad's Shelby" 2040

Stripes and emblems - let's get this correct. Stripes and Emblems

Still not satisfied? Stay tuned for a special edition on August 20th. I will have National Shelby Convention coverage from the Garden State.

April 1, 2008

First, Happy birthday to the 428 Cobra Jet! You can read about one of the most unique cars ever to receive the most powerful Mustang engine on the "project Midas" page. 0056

The first GT500 fastback checks in. Maybe you can give this story a happy ending? 0041

The Coralsnake (with a little help from SAAC) discovers the 1968 GT500 KR press car hiding in plain view. 2356

Another yellow convertible comes off the hit list. There are only a hanful left to find now! Yellow Convertibles

What about showing my car at SAAC? The show is coming and you need to be ready. Show Time

Need a window sticker for that old car? I can work up a cool recreation of your original and it's dirt cheap. Window Sticker

More cool vintage photos. . . Vintage snapshots

. . . and dealer stuff . . . Dealer stuff

On July 4th read about Project Midas, The Coralsnake (# 3206) and much more. I also hope to have a new, easier to use index.

January 1, 2008

ORANGE SHELBY SIGHTED! 1968 memos state 15 non-yellow special paint cars were built. The website documents 14 cars. An orange GT350 has been spotted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. So far, attempts to track the car down have been unsucessful. If you think you can help find the "missing" special paint car, please email me. Special Paint Cars

The best 1968 Shelby transmission page is here. Now you can ID that transmission without digging through all those books. The Transmission Page

Believe this...Paxton Superchargers. The Paxton Page

A few more dealer items on the dealer page. Dealership stuff

I added a couple more golden oldies. Old Pictures

Do me a favor a check out Arlid's car again. My friend, Eric English, stopped by and left a photograph. 3453

Scott shares some pictures of the rarest of shift knobs. The one that was meant to be on your GT500KR. Interior Page Visit Scott and buy something at www.scottfullerreproductions.com

Next time "Project Midas". I make a plan to help build a "Gold" car for Chuck.

Concours Judging - things you need to know before you show. SAAC bikini contest update.

October 1, 2007

Have you ever seen a prototype 1968 Shelby ? I bet you have and didn't even know it. I provide one possible explanation for the mythical 1968 427 engine. The Prototypes

5S337 after a summer of debugging the finished pictures are here!

# 4410 a GT500KR 4spd Air Conditioned car is one of the projects. See what the starting point looks like now that the car is apart. # 4410

A special paint GT350 convertible and a GT500KR have rough starts at the assembly plant. Read about two cars the factory painted the wrong colors. Strange Stories

The Northwestern Ford page is incredible. Now, see the pictures that didn't make the first cut. Rare history from a 1960's dealership. Northwestern Ford

Need wiring? Check out the FOR SALE page....I can also get you a 69 tach underdash harness, just ask. BUY STUFF

Next time an update on the Coralsnake. I look at Paxton superchargers and transmission identification.

...and much more. Have a look around to see some new pictures spinkled around the website.

July 4, 2007

I updated the trivia page as well. If you have an early built 1968, please take a look. Maybe you can help ? Odds and Ends

5S337, the 1965 GT350 is new again. This car is done. I am back to the 1968s.

# 4410 stops in for a visit and I begin tearing down a GT500KR 4spd with Air Conditioning. I find something remarkable hidden under the carpet. # 4410

My friend, Scott Fuller, reproduces the finest parts on the planet. Check out his starter delays. They will blow your mind. I use his parts every chance I get. He has a new website. Go buy something. Parts for sale

The special paint GT350 convertible found in Colorado checks in. Next time, I will let you know why "rare" does not begin to describe this "special paint" car.

The incredible story of the first GT500 ever built. You want to see what a supercharged GT500 looks like? I plan more on the superchargers, but this should entertain you. A bonafide Shelby used to test uncommon parts. 0056

I'm off to SAAC 32. The big Shelby convention in Utah and I give you a special report. You want to get jiggy with the judges ? Let's see what they say about that. SAAC 32

...and much more. Have a look around to see some new pictures spinkled around the website.

April 1, 2007

No fooling another update. Check out what is happening on 5S337, the 1965 GT350. See if I finished the car.

The Northwestern Ford page has gone supernova. My conversation with a salesman leads me to find the dealership's former owner and I pay him a visit. Wait until you see what he shared with me during my exclusive interview. Northwestern Ford

If you have anything from any of the Shelby dealers, I would appreciate you sharing it with me.

GT500 #1628, a GT500 4spd car is getting the bodyshop work over. I will show yet more of the parts and review the progress to date. 1628

My friend, Scott Fuller, reproduces one of the hardest parts to find for a GT500KR. Check out his starter delays. Parts for sale

#4410 rolls in from Texas. This GT500KR 4spd car with air conditioning will be one awesomely clean car when it leaves. More to follow.

On the last update, I told you I had found yet another original plant photo, but it never got posted! Sorry. It is here now. Plant Photos

Another special paint GT350 convertible is found in Colorado. This time it's a factory yellow car. That leaves just 16 yellow convertibles unaccounted for.... Maybe you know where one is? Check these serial numbers . . . Yellow Convertibles

I have received several good suggestions for future updates, including a Paxton supercharger page and a transmission page. Stay tuned.

January 11, 2007

You made it to 2007! I went around and cleaned up the pages a little and I have some great updates. The idea is you have a look around once in a while and review the website to find some things you haven't seen before.

I found yet another original plant photo. It is part of Jack Reddeker's original set and was left out before. Plant Photos

The Northwestern Ford is even bigger. I spoke with a real live Northwestern salesman. You won't believe the stories. Hopefully, some more dealership information will present itself. Northwestern Ford

I updated all the projects. See my projects

The restoration of 5S337 is coming into the home stretch. It won't be long and it will be finished. My target date is April 1st. No fooling! You can see where I am now and if I am going to make it. THE RESTORATION OF 5S337

You can see some more original parts from #1628, a GT500 4spd car I am rebuilding. It's gone for bodywork now. 1628

I have joined forces with the Classic Mustang Forum. If you want to be part of a 1968 Shelby message board and not have to deal with all the clones, here's your chance. Classic Mustang Forum - Shelby Only

October 1, 2006

This is the biggest update yet! I spruced up the website a little. I hope you like it. You will notice I added buttons.

I updated the plant photos. I thought you would enjoy seeing them all on one page! Best of all, I have some exclusive new pictures. Plant Photos

A 14th non-yellow special paint car has been found. I updated the special paint pages. My best guess is there is still one more car to be found .... and # 3337, a special green car, appears for the first time. Special Paints

The Northwestern Ford page got a little bigger. I have included some great vintage advertisements and some information about the 1968 Shelbys sent to Playboy. Northwestern Ford

You can read about the Coralsnake (# 3206) and how the website was born. The Coralsnake

The restoration of 5S337 continues and some more restoration information is revealed. THE RESTORATION OF 5S337

You can see some original parts from #1628, a GT500 4spd car I am rebuilding. 1628

I added some new wiring to the For Sale pages. For Sale

I have joined forces with the Classic Mustang Forum. If you want to be part of a 1968 Shelby message board and not have to deal with all the clones, here's your chance. Classic Mustang Forum - Shelby Only

July 4, 2006

The website has a new name. Please use www.thecoralsnake.com

The restoration of 5S337, parts clean-up THE RESTORATION OF 5S337

Some great information about Northwestern Ford in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Northwestern Ford

New featured parts. Things you NEED! Featured Parts

A sneak peak at the only GT500KR convertible ever painted Royal Maroon. A real 1 of 1

How to do your own research and where to find good information Restoration

New dealer scripts Dealer Scripts

The 31st Annual Shelby Convention Shelby Convention Pictures

Norwegian Car Show coverage Norwegian Coverage