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October 1 , 2015

King Motors is in Anniston, Alabama. They are still in business today. They sold some interesting cars. King Motors

An update on some of the EFI parts. I am working hard to get the parts needed to recreate the system and I just had a big break. Vinny Liska shares his find. More EFI

Two more cars join the ranks of the Elite show cars. Coincidentally, the are both Acapulco Blue. The website is moving away from promoting individual clubs and events. I am going to concentrate more on the historical accuracy of the cars. These elite show cars will continue to be featured. The Absolute Best 1968s

Two of the projects are back on track. The first is # 56. I have spruced up the story on Shelly's engineering car. I hope to have a more complete update soon, but the car is being assembled right now. The second is # 101, another factory engineering car. I will have an update next time. That car is in the paint shop now. 56

Survivor Part 4- The best cars to look at are unrestored cars! A fourth car is added to the page and I point some of the details you might have missed. This car is a red, GT350, 4 speed, convertible. SURVIVOR

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The next update is scheduled for January 11, 2016.