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April 1, 2015

Conelec equipped race cars have been with us all long. We just weren't looking for them. Check out some of the race cars that used Conelec Electronic fuel pumps! Conelec in Racing

If you asked me which Triple Crown car was the best? I would not hesitate to tell you, it is Ben's # 3660. His red KR is the latest car to pull off the hat trick. Most cars don't win awards in their first national showing. Ben has managed to win the Triple Crown three times. Triple Crown

a bew dealer page is added to the virtual library. Courtesy Ford was one of the all time greats. Courtesy Ford

A barrage of other dealer items and pictures have come into Coralsnake Headquarters. So check them out (again)

JD Ball Ford

McFayden Ford

Hemphill-McCombs Ford

Selig Ford

Gotham Ford

There are always more New Old Stock parts in the Coralsnake vault. NOS parts

It is a fictional production line story, but you can gain a lot of insight on how the cars were built. This story was recovered of the Coralsnake server and now is linked in the new index. Production Line

The Acme press release for the third special paint car is now out. So, the page has been updated to include that. I don't have an update on the fourth release yet. We have special red, green and orange cars still coming. Press Release

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The next update is scheduled for July 4, 2015.

Next time I am planning more Conelec updates and special story on Ben's incredible GT500 KR. Part 3 of the "Survivor" series will debut.