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July 4 , 2015

I got an interesting email from the previous owner of car # 83 and help him track down the current owner. You can read their emails as they share the history of the car. History of 83

It seems like I am always searching for the 1969 Plant Photos. So, I am putting them all in one place. These pictures originally came from a Rohm and Haas magazine. 1969 Plant Photos

A few new items get added tot he dealer page. If you have a contribution, please send it over for inclusion. Dealer Items

The teardown of # 101 has begun. One of the most unique 1968 Shelbys ever built will be restored to its former glory. 101

Ben's car is the best restored KR in the country. You can see how it started and where it came from. 3660

Survivor Part 3- The best cars to look at are unrestored cars! Here is the third car to be added to the pages of the unrestored. SURVIVOR

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The next update is scheduled for October 1, 2015.

Next time, I am planning a Conelec parts update and a restoration project update. Okay, some of these have been a long time coming.

There will probably be a new "Triple Crown" 1968 Shelby as well. The teardown of # 101 reveals some evidence of its engineering past!