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January 11 , 2016

Quick, name another website that is free, updated regularly and provides you with more information about vintage Shelbys. There isn't one. You need to stop by the store and get yourself something special. It's the only source for a CONELEC shirt. Prove to the world that you know your Shelby history.
The Coralsnake Store

S & C Motors was in San Francisco, CA. It took some digging and a visit to the time machine to dig up the details on one of the west coast's biggest Shelby dealers. S & C Motors

Progress on the EFI parts. It's starting to look a lot more like the 1960s around Conelec headquarters as the parts start being assembled. Conelec EFI

This forgotten webpage is "rediscovered" and a restored link shows you this special car. Number 0016

You know Northwestern is my favorite dealership. Did you know they sold stock? Plus, one of the original Playboy cars checks in. Northwestern

The NOS parts are always a popular feature. Let's see what is in the vault.... NOS Parts

The next update is scheduled for April 1, 2016. Another update to the dealer files. Contributions are always welcome. Even if you have something small. Take a look around the website and feel free to make a suggestion.