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January 11, 2015

It has started. The Conelec cars are coming. I have recruited two original fuel injection cars to be re-fitted! Project "C2"

With the passing of Mr. Long, even more documents have become available. So many in fact, it will take a long time to even see them all. I explain some of the hardware and memos uncovered from Conelec. EFI Parts

I got a chance to talk with Bill Watkins. Yes, the Bill Watkins. I don't think it's a coincidence that the hardest working Shelby salesmen of the 1960s are still working today! Mr. Watkins was kind enough to share his time and a few contributions to the webpage. Watkins Ford

The power steering page tweaked ever so slightly. I always try to make sure the details are correct. Power Steering

SURVIVOR! Part 2 / an original red GT500 that will rock your socks. Hopefully, by showing some of the cars, we can clear up what an unrestored "survivor" really looks like. Not every car is perfect, but I can show you some those detailing items. Survivor

New Old Stock parts gets an update with a little from Rick. See what he has in his vault. NOS parts

Looking back at one of the site's ldest pages. The factory tour gets a review and larger photographs. Factory Tour

The Northwestern page gets even more additions. A new picture of the dealership and a big surprise from Ken. Look at the bottom of the page. Northwestern

The Dominion Ford page is the project of Travis. He did a little more digging and found some great old advertisements. Dominion Ford

JIm has been hunting down some interesting dealer items and he passed them along. Several have been stored away for future updates. Dealer Pages

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The next update is scheduled for April 1, 2015.

The new index has finally arrived. Hopefully, it will make navigation around the website a little easier!